Sunday, September 27, 2015

This Is A Pretty Spooky Thing We're Doing Here

I hope all you boils and ghouls enjoyed the sheer number of posts I made this year. Man, 2015 was one wild and crazy ride, wasn't it? The things we saw, the shocks we received, the laughs we've had...

Yeah, sure. Uh HUH.

Alright alright alright, so it's another (almost) 365 days without an update. What can I tell you? Like I've said before, you can't rush art. That has nothing to do with my blog, it's just something I've said before. The point is, I'm back! And if you're a regular visitor of the Drive-in (or just understand how a calendar works), then you know why. Yes, it's time once again for the Countdown to Halloween!

Just like the previous two Octobers, those of us here at the Haunted Drive-in will be slinging out new content all month in celebration of our very favorite day, sharing memories and photos from 'Weens past, our takes on recent horror films in theaters and on DVD, and a surprise or two. A theme is still being decided on, but given the great horror icons we've lost this year such as Wes Craven and Sir Christopher Lee, I can promise you that there will definitely be a nostalgic and tribute-heavy vibe. Things are once again being curated by the awesome folks of, who continue to compile the annual list of participating sites and provide us with sweet digital badges to mark our involvement. If you want to get in on the action with your own Halloween/horror/spooky-flavored website or blog, email the team at Countdown to Halloween straightaway! Then be sure to grab one of the 2015 badges for yourself.

Also, we're bringing back a feature that was sorely absent from CtH 2014: a contest! That's right, you'll once again have the opportunity to win something creepy from us. Check our Facebook page for updates! And we promise that this year's winner will receive their prizes before next Halloween. Long story. Although I did send the last guy quadruple the prizes promised for being so understanding, so who knows what'll happen... Either way, the contest will be announced soon!

Be sure to check back often in the next few weeks, we'll be making up for our extended absence! In the meantime, here's a classic ditty to get you in the spooky mood:

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