Sunday, October 19, 2014

Good... Bad... I'm The Guy With The Crowbar

Recently, there's been a huge surge in popularity for specialized gift boxes. Some of them are monthly subscriptions, like Horror Block, and others are one-time gift ideas that can be personalized to suit the recipient's interests. One such organization is the group known as Man Crates Gifts for Men. As the name suggests, they craft unique loot collections that cater to men, with choices for retro gamers, new dads, poker players, and more. The best part is that it all arrives in a large wooden crate that you have to pry open with a crowbar. And the crowbar is included!

All very well and good, you may say, but what does this have to do with Halloween? So glad you asked, metaphorical reader. The fine folks at Man Crates Gifts for Men contacted us here at the Drive-in wanting to know what we'd include in a kit for the poor soul who's trapped in a horror movie and aware of that fact. Which items would prove the most useful in a nightmare scenario? What do you need to survive the terrors headed your way? And does beef jerky ever expire?

Thursday, October 16, 2014

No One Is Eating My Brother!

I've loved Halloween since my diaper days, and it's a safe bet that most of us remember the thrill of buying/making our obviously awesome costumes, going door to door trick-or-treating, eating our body weight in candy, and getting just a little freaked out by the decorations that people put up all over the neighborhood. (To those of you whose family didn't celebrate Halloween: I am so, SO sorry.)

Unfortunately, as the years go by costumes tend to give way to fashion, candy is replaced by booze, and trick-or-treating is no longer a viable option for us anymore. Now personally, I will dress up and eat candy until I'm dead, but there are a few parts of the Halloween experience that have to be heaped onto the nostalgia pile. Thankfully, the game developer Double Fine has come up with a great way for us to relive them: Costume Quest.

Friday, October 3, 2014

Review: The Tale of the Dangerous Soup

What are you afraid of most in this world?  Bugs?  Heights?  Perhaps you're afraid of being alone.  Perhaps you're afraid that nobody likes you.  Perhaps you're just afraid of that one constant in everyone's lives:  Death.  Tonight's terrifying tale is all about fear.  Specifically, it's about what happens when someone is trying to exploit those fears.  Submitted for the approval of our Drive-In patrons, I give you the Tale of the Dangerous Soup.