Friday, September 29, 2017

We Just Won't Stay Dead!

Is it time for my annual post already?

Sheesh, good thing that I don't have deadlines around here, or there'd be real trouble. Though I suppose a place like the Haunted Drive-in always has some dead lines. HA! Any way, it's good to be back. I can't say how long it'll last, but I've learned to just appreciate the moments as they come.

To the three of you who are still subscribed to this blog despite it being updated at a glacial place, blessings on your shrunken heads. Here's hoping you still appreciate my awful puns and outdated references. Of course, we celebrate the scary, the cheesy, and the monstrously silly here, so I think you knew what you were getting into when I started writing years ago.

If you're expecting a post with some substance after all my time away, well, it won't be tonight. I'm still got a lot of spinning plates in the air, metaphorically speaking, so the good stuff will be coming down the pike later on. Soon though, I promise! Instead, let me turn your attention to what's been happening on the Drive-in's fringes.

Not THOSE fringes.

The first thing to note is the regular updates spewing out of our Facebook page. We're sharing something new every few days there, whether it be movie scoops, ridiculous videos, or Halloween playlists so you always have something spooky to watch. If you haven't already liked us, there's a link to the left! Updates on FB are much more frequent, and perfect for anyone with limited time and/or attention spans. Check the feed that's also on the left for our Twitter account. Everything that is shared here gets shared there, plus some cool bonus stuff! Besides, we really appreciate the follow.

Speaking of ridiculous videos, that's the other main attraction: our YouTube page. We've always had one, but for a long time it was a mishmash of playlists and assorted junk, with no real purpose. That's all been overhauled. Most of the playlists have been exorcised to make things more streamlined and simple, those that remain have been added to and cleaned up, and we've been adding our own content steadily over the past few weeks. Most of it right now is collections of vintage commercials from first airings of classic Halloween specials. We've got nearly an hour total of great cheesy ads, from Mcdonald's promos celebrating the return of McRib to "Coming Soon" stingers for the original miniseries of Stephen King's IT! More will be added in the near future, as well as original content (here's hopin'). Please head on over and subscribe, just be sure to say Rabbi sent ya.

I'm optimistic that my writing partner Richard "Daffy" Rodriguez will be keen to return to the Drive-in, but he's been very busy marrying his sweetheart! So, congratulations to them both! Maybe he'll be back after the honeymoon.

And of course, we are mere days away from the Countdown to Halloween, so keep an eye out (preferably on your bedside table) for more posts, more videos, and more spooks. Like I say every year, the best is yet to come. Well, I'm gonna start saying that. Here's one of our recent uploads at our YT channel, a glorious half-hour of early 90s advertisements:

Glad to be back, fiends!


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    1. So kind of you, thanks Joe! (Just seeing all your comments now, obviously.)