Monday, September 29, 2014

I Have A Question for You This October

October is just around the corner.  A busy time of year for the Drive-In.  There's the Countdown to Halloween, of course, for which Rabbi no doubt has plenty of ghoulish delights up his sleeves.  As for myself, I struggled for a while with something to do to celebrate my favorite time of the year.  I want to do a marathon of a supremely spooky series, but which one?  Well, Tales from the Crypt is a bit gore-y for my tastes.  The Twilight Zone has been analyzed to death.  I'm craving something... old, but not too old.  Something that really scratches that nostalgic itch I've been feeling.  Something to fit this frightful holiday.  Finally, I thought of the perfect show.  Which leads me to my question...

Yes, that's right, folks.  It's that nostalgia bomb from the '90s, that creepy kids' show, Are You Afraid of the Dark?  When I was a kid, this show was the pinnacle of fright.  Just the theme song had me peeking out from under a blanket week after week.  I'd even say that Are You Afraid of the Dark? was my introduction to visual horror much like Goosebumps was my introduction to literary horror. 

I was a kid, though, so of course I was scared.  I've been wondering the last few weeks...  Does this show still hold up?  No doubt I won't be as scared as I was when I watched it as a kid, but will I still enjoy it as an adult?  Will it be as creative as I remember it to be or will its every attempt at creating a good scary story fall flat?  Well, there's only one way to find out...

All October long, I will watch Are You Afraid of the Dark and review the episodes I see for your enjoyment!  My original plan involved having a blog up every single day in October.  However, I realize that that's not a good option for 2 reasons.  1) I just don't have the time to do something like that.  Real life gets in the way.  2) I don't want to step on my partner's toes.  He will obviously also be blogging this month and I feel that, if I were to blog each and every day, it would interfere with the blogs he works hard to write as well.  So I came up with a compromise for myself.  I will attempt to write a blog as often as I can with a guarantee of at least 3 a week. 

I'm really excited about this.  I haven't seen AYAotD in years and nostalgia is giving me chills.  I hope you all have fun following along.  If you'd like to watch the show yourself, I've found plenty of episodes on Youtube, which I'll be using for my own watching as well.  

I leave you all with the very theme song that so plagued my nightmares as a child...

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  1. It's amazing how scary you can get when you can't show much in the way of blood or gore! I maintain that the restrictions actually make you better by forcing you to be more creative. I haven't seen AYAotD myself - time to put it on my list of Things To Watch If I Ever Get The Time.

    Your fellow 2014 Cryptkeeper (at