Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Return to the House Of Horror

Last year, Rue Morgue Magazine showed some creepy love to the fans by releasing Hymns From the House Of Horror, a 17-song compilation of b-sides and unreleased tracks from the top names in musical ghoulery -for free. The collection was such a hit, they've decided to do it again. Prepare yourselves for another heaping helping of audio abnormalities.

The original Hymns was part of a celebration for Rue Morgue's 100th issue, with contributions from the likes of Midnight Syndicate, Creature Feature, Harley Poe, and more. This year's release will feature a similar vibe, but rather more eclectic artists. Among the 20(!) bands promised are Calabrese, Gwar, The Young Werewolves, and Blood Ceremony. As a bonus, the songs will be spliced with audio trailers for grindhouse flicks that don't exist, and the album's artwork will be made available for digital download like last year's.

Hosted by Rue Morgue Radio's monster of ceremonies Tomb Dragomir, the first Hymns was a freaky-awesome mixtape of somber and silly, dark and delightful, words and other adjectives. If you want a great horror soundtrack for the low low price of free, then don't pass this up. Volume II drops at the stroke of midnight May 1st. You have until the end of July to make it yours, fellow ghoulies. Visit the Rue Morgue website for all the details.

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